Surface Preparation is part of Industrial Floor Coating Business!

Pre-Surface Preparation for Coating Industrial Floor

Industrial floor coating suitable for making concrete surfaces, loose particles of the low resistance layer to be tactfully and to roughen the surface, surface preparation is done. Surface preparation, shot blasting machine (Blastrac) should be done with. Although I usually marble sili machine, diamond tipped hand machines and rotatiger are used. My machine and diamond tipped sili marble hand tools on the surface of micron-order "deleting my" to do. Purposes is used Rotatiger rough, real rough, but can not be done,just leave the ground in place to point runs into your pocket.

Unfortunately, as it should, with the usual methods of surface preparation is done.Surface preparation is the half of industrial floor coatings business. Surface preparation is not a proper application, a structure similar to non-solid foundation to not wrong at all.

While the surface preparation shot blast machine.

While the surface preparation shot blast machine.

One of the most important advantage of the shot blast machine; at the same time and to receive and roughen the surface layer of the sherbet powder, oil and dirt-free, is made ready for the primers.


Surface preparation before and after photos showing a typical


Surface Preparation is a bit field

Surface Preparation is a bit field

Prepared surfaces in the next step will be to apply epoxy primer. Surface to be coated with epoxy primer or paint is the binding layer. Can serve the purpose of lining, to hold the concrete to the surface to be done in a way appropriate to the technical preparation is very important.

Surface preparation has been completed and a field.


Repair cracks in the surface and be done:

Holes, cracks, fractures, such as segregation errors are made with epoxy primer and epoxy mortar.   With deeper areas of 4-5 mm and for repairs and epoxy coatings can be made with cement-based repair mortar. And the ground water from the deep cracks that have threatened to make the epoxy injection is required to fill the cracks.

Prepare to repair the cracks.

Surface cracks with epoxy for repair.